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Marie Curie

Want to experiment like Marie Curie? Check these out!

26 Bones Find the 26 Bones in your Foot. Marie Curie’s invention of the field X-Ray allowed doctors to instantly diagnose broken bones. Your foot has more bones than any other part of your body!  See if you can find all 26 bones – without an X-Ray!  Need some help? Check out all the bones, over here.

Colored Cloth in Sunlight – Find several cloth items, such as shirts or towels, of various colors. Lay them on a sturdy, level surface in the bright sunlight. After 15 to 20 minutes, feel each one and note which is the warmest. Because dark colors reflect the least sunlight, they absorb the most heat. Light colors reflect the most sunlight and therefore stay cooler. That’s why people tend to wear lighter colors in hot summer weather.

How did a woman named Marie discover radiation? What do you call the machine at the doctor’s office that takes pictures of your insides? How did Marie Curie use radiation and radioactivity to save lives during World War I? How many Nobel Prizes did Marie Curie win?

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