Daily Life Food History



1.  Ready to get in the kitchen and cook?  With the help of an adult, try this breakfast taco recipe! Make sure that an adult does the hot or sharp parts!

2.  Cooking and budgeting are important life skills.  If you have older children, give them pretend money and help them plan a meal your family enjoys.  As you walk through the recipe and the items you would need to buy, help them count the money and pay for each item.  Discuss how your family budgets and plans meals for the week.

3.Looking for a snack that is fun and healthy? Check out this fruit and cheese snack that is simple and works on fine motor skills.

Humans love to eat but why do we cook our food instead of eating it raw?  Did you know that humans have been cooking their food for around 2 million years? Today we will learn about the science behind why we cook our food.

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