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da Vinci


1.  Would you like to be an artist like Leo?  Print this template and you too can make your own version of the Mona Lisa.  Should she have purple hair, a green dress or perhaps a polka dot dress and blue hair?

2.  Would you also like to be a scientist?  Sometimes scientists need to try something many times before they find a solution that works.  Here is a paper glider you can cut out and put together.  How far can you make it fly?  Do you have any ideas that would make it fly even further? 

3.  Do you think you can write backwards or mirrored like da Vinci?  Try on your own and then try writing while looking into a mirror.  (The words should look right in the mirror) Did that make it easier or harder?

Who was da Vinci?  What was he famous for?  And did he really collect dead bodies so he could study their organs?  He did!  He also wrote his notes backward! 

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