Daily Life History



1.  Gather some small cars and painter’s tape.  Either the adults or the kids can use the painter’s tape to lay out “roads” on the floor.  Make sure you add intersections and curvy parts for extra fun!  If you really want to get creative, add some blocks to make houses or your favorite highway stop.  The kids can run their cars on the new track.  How fast can you get from one point to another?

2.  Print out a map of your neighborhood.  Ask a neighbor if you can put a “treasure box” or some other small item in their yard or front steps.  Mark out a trail on the map for your kids to follow and pretend you are pirates searching for lost treasure!  The kids will learn map reading skills while having an adventure.  

3.  Find a map of your favorite amusement park online.  Ask your kids to find the best route to their favorite ride.  You can make it harder by asking for a different route because there is a parade or you need a route that goes by a bathroom first.  The next time you get to visit, ask the kids to be your tour guide and see where you end up!

How do you get from place to place?  Unless you live in a big city with a subway system, you probably use a highway.  Highways are an everyday part of American life but who thought they should be built and why?

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