Mars vs Venus


1.  Find out what you would weigh on Mars!  This website does all of the math for you.  All you need is your current weight in pounds.

2.  Mars takes longer to make one round trip around the Sun then the Earth, which means you would have had fewer birthdays on Mars!  While your grandparents might like that, that would mean fewer birthday parties for you!  Check out this age calculator to see how old you would be on Mars.  

3.  Venus has thousands of volcanos.  You can make a safe volcano at home.  NASA has a wonderful experiment that lets you make your own volcano, complete with lava channels.  If you want to know more about Venus, you can read more on the NASA website!

You probably know that Mars and Venus are our closet neighbors in the solar system.  But, which would be the better planet to live on?  Why do we always talk about exploring Mars but not Venus? What is it like on the surface of Mars and Venus?

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