1.  Did you know that leaves suck up water like a straw? You can see how it works!  Ask your adult to gather a green leaf or two, some water and food dye.  You can find the directions and a great scientific explanation here.

2.  Trees grow tall and strong in the ground but not all plants need dirt to grow.  Check out this experiment to see how roots grow and support a plant. 

3.  If you live in the north, it’s hard to look at different leaves because it is winter! If you want to see what a tree looks like during all 4 seasons, print these seasonal trees and decorate them with your favorite colors.

Methuselah is no ordinary tree. It’s been alive for nearly 5,000 years! It started growing in 2831BC, long before computers, cell phones, TVs, and cars. Methuselah started growing before humans even invented paper. This tree is older than the pyramids of Ancient Egypt and the Great Wall of China! And it’s still alive today.

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