Daily Life Human Body



1.  Pooping helps keep your body healthy but so does washing yourself!  Check out this messy bath time activity with the permission of an adult.

2.  If you want a less messy activity, check out ice fishing!  You’ll just need to freeze your fish before bath time.  

3.  Everyone poops but owls also have a unique way of getting rid of some of the items their body can’t use.  Owls regurgitate bones, fur, and other parts they can’t digest.  Check out this website to learn more about owl pellets.  There are also links to order your own owl pellets to dissect.

Yes, we know it can be disgusting to talk about – but did you know the poo that comes out of you is just as important as the food going in?  Did you know there’s a reason you find it disgusting?  Why is poop the shape it is?

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