Daily Life History



1.  Tell jokes.  Jokes are a wonderful way to develop language skills in children.  Plus, who doesn’t love a good joke?  Here are some funny ones.

2.  Story telling or reading stories are wonderful ways to introduce new words or ideas to kids!  Even listening to podcasts like WhoSmarted? can foster curiosity.  Here are some classic short stories.

3.  Singing is another way to include children in language.  Can’t carry a tune?  They won’t care!  Teach them your favorite camp song from when you were a child or a favorite cultural or religious song.  Not only will you be introducing them to new language, but you will also be teaching them about their family and culture.  Here are some fun songs to get you started.

What is slang,  how is it used and what does dabbing have to do with the evolution of language?

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