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1.  Check out these great allergy activities from Brain Pop to help make kids more aware of their surroundings. Brainstorm with your child ways to keep allergies in check. For example, allergies to pollen can be controlled by closing windows & limiting time outdoors. Allergies to foods can be controlled by avoiding certain foods & alerting family members, teachers, and restaurant waitstaff to avoid serving potentially harmful foods. Have your child create a guide about allergies and ways to control them.

2.  Check pollen counts in your area on the internet or in the newspaper (many weather reports include pollen counts). This can be a long-term activity so your child can see when the allergy season begins and ends. Your child can research plants in your area to find out which are active during allergy season.

3.  Have your child ask family members and friends about their allergies. Your child can keep a list and track warning signs. For example, if a family member is allergic to peanuts, your child can create a warning sign that explains what symptoms can occur and how to treat them.

Did you know you can develop an allergy at any time?  But you can also stop being allergic to something overnight.  But what are allergies and why does your body react adversely to certain things in foods and nature?

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