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1.  Make a Fruit Loop necklace. Fruit Loops are perfect because they are colorful, but you can just as easily use a Cheerio or other round-with-a-hole-in-it cereal. This is less about the cereal and more about the hand-eye coordination involved making them.

2.  Make some rice cereal treats!  Check out this recipe from Kelloggs.  Make sure an adult does all of the hot parts.  For some extra fun, you could add peanut butter, chocolate chips, sprinkles or other fun add ins.  

3.  Do some science!  Did you know that your cereal is likely fortified with iron?  Sometimes kids don’t have the best eating habits so iron is added to cereal to make sure kids have enough to grow.  Check out this experiment and see if you can separate the iron in your cereal!

For a long time, most people didn’t even eat breakfast; and, if they did, it was just leftovers from the night before. Or heavy meats. John Kellogg invented cereal as a healthy breakfast alternative — but why?  And what is cereal made of?

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