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Video Games


1.  Video games are known for their memorable artwork.  You can get creative and try these video game inspired art projects!

2.  Have a dress like your favorite video game character day!  Mario wears a red cape and red hat, Yoshi is green, and the Among Us characters wear a single color with swim goggles!  Get creative and use what you already have at home.  We’d love to see your pictures!

3.  It’s time to play video games with an adult!  Chances are good that they grew up playing some type of video games.  If they have an old system in the basement, dust it off and learn how to beat vintage villains!  If you don’t, teach your adult how to play Minecraft or Among Us!  Maybe you can even catch them being the imposter!

It might be hard to imagine, but there was actually a time before Video Games existed!  We know…shocking.  As it turns out, Video Games are less than 50-years old. But who invented them and can they help your brain GROW?

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