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Board Games


1.  Create your own board game!  Use things from around the house.  A sheet of paper is a great game board and you can use almost anything for pieces.  What kind of game will you create?  Do you need to do the Chicken Dance every 3rd turn or does the winner have to clean the dishes?

2.  Have a family game night!  Pick a family favorite or grab a new one!  Want to try something new but don’t want to buy it?  Maybe you could trade games with a friend and find a new favorite.  

3.  Make a fun snack for game night!  You could pop some popcorn or try making homemade pizza.  Let the kids add their favorite toppings to prepared crust for an easy, low mess dinner.

Did you know the first board games were played between 6000 &10,000 years ago? So, how did the classic board games we all know and love get invented?  And who is the greatest board game maker of them all? 

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