Food History


1.  Do you have younger children learning how to use utensils — or, older kids who are struggling to master table skills?  This article has some great suggestions for making dinner time less stressful and a wonderful learning experience.  

2.  Utensils are an important part of our daily lives.  They are also a great way to introduce chores and incorporate sorting.  If you have a dishwasher, ask the kids to unload it and put the dishes away!  If you wash dishes by hand, have the kids dry and put away the dishes.  Keep a sticker chart and plan a fun family activity when they get a certain number of stickers.  

3.  Looking for some sensory play?  Beans or rice in a large container make a wonderful sensory bin.  Give the kids some plastic cups, spoons, plastic utensils, or small, plastic dishes to practice scooping, pouring, and pretending.  If they invite you to their new restaurant, play along and order a burger.

You probably use a fork, spoon or knife every single day — but who invented them?  Did you know knives are thought to be the oldest utensils — and that forks were once considered… bad luck?  

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