Food History



1.  Time to play with your food and do a STEM activity!  Ask an adult to help you gather some marshmallows and spaghetti for this building activity.  

2.  Pasta comes in many different shapes and sizes, making it perfect for art!  Check out this website for instructions on how to dye your own pasta for art projects!  Are you going to make your own original creation or are you going to make a version of a famous piece of art?

3.  Time to eat!  Many cultures have some form of pasta.  What is your favorite kind?  Talk with an adult in your family and help plan a family meal with noodles!  It could be as simple as mac and cheese or you could learn how to make pasta from scratch!

Did you know that there are over 1000 different kinds of noodles?  But what are noodles, where did they come from and are they healthy?

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