1.  Pirates needed to be able to find treasure by sea or land!  Grab your favorite adult and go find some kid treasure with geocaching!  Geocaching is a great way to find some treasure, share some treasure of your own, and have an adventure.

2.  Create your own pirate map!  Make sure you mark any important landmarks like the backyard swings or the couch.  How many steps do you need to take to get from one spot to the next?  Are you going to hop there or fly like a bird?  Don’t forget to mark your treasure with a big ‘X’!

3.  Make your own pirate telescope!  Here are some fun instructions.  Don’t like the gold telescope?  No problem!  A pirate can always create their own unique look for their telescope.

A Pirate is one who attacks & robs at sea. But were real-life pirates anything like the version you see on TV and in the movies? Was it fun to be a pirate?  And how did a bunch of ruthless criminals get their own Disney theme park ride? 

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