Daily Life History



1.  How tall can you build a tower with cups?  Ask an adult for 50 plastic cups and see how far you can stack!  Does a wide base and narrow top work best or is it the same width all the way up?  Did you use all of your cups?  Ask for another 50 and see how far you can go this time!

2.  Any young architects out there?  Try building a skyscraper with blocks or legos!  Blocks can help develop a sense of spatial relations and shapes. 

3.  Ready to build your own elevator?  Grab an adult and follow these directions.  You might need to visit a hardware store or order supplies online.  Modern day elevators work on a pulley system but this awesome STEM activity will teach you about hydraulics.  After you complete the project, experiment with adding weight to the platform.  How much can it move?

Did you know skyscrapers sway up to 6 inches in each direction?  But how are skyscrapers built so high?  Why do they sway?  And does time actually go FASTER at the top? 

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