Earth Space

Habitable Zone


1.  People need water to make a planet habitable.  On Earth, we have the water cycle, which provides rain for crops to grow and water for people to drink.  Check out this fun experiment!  Make sure an adult helps you with the hot water.

2.  Being able to grow food is another important part of a habitable planet.  You can read about a seed’s lifecycle here.  Ask an adult if you can plant a few seeds in a pot and watch them grow!

3.  Would you like to live in a place where it snows every day?  How about all sunshine, all the time?  Think about what kind of weather you like outside and draw a picture.  What temperature does it need to be before it can snow?  What temperature is best to go swimming?

Habitable Zones refer to regions in space in which planets have ‘Earth-like’ conditions, that can potentially support life as we know it.  But what makes a planet potentially habitable?  How many other habitable planets have we discovered?  And could there possibly be life elsewhere in the universe? 

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