Daily Life History



1.  The Gutenberg Press worked by stamping paper.  Check out these fun stamping activities.  Make sure you get permission from an adult because paint can be messy.

2.  Most Europeans couldn’t read during the Middle Ages… but you sure can!  Read a book!  It can be a favorite or something new.  Then write a paragraph describing the story you read on… paper!

3.  The first books were used to help spread knowledge about the travels of adventurers.  You can make your own book!  Ask an adult to help you create a book by stapling paper together or use an empty notebook.  Now that you have a book, what story would you like to tell?  Are you going to write a book about your adventures, or make up a crazy story about chicken nuggets taking over the world?

Believe it or not, paper didn’t exist when humans first started writing about 5500 years ago.  So, where did paper come from?  How is it made?  And do we have too much of it right now? 

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