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Carnivorous Plants


1.  Carnivorous plants often pretend to be something they are not in order to catch their food.  You can pretend to be something you are not too!  Make a mask, dress up in a costume or get around the room by not walking — you can skip, crawl, roll, or hop.  Do you think your disguise makes you a different person or convince an adult to give you your favorite snack?

2.  Most carnivorous plants eat bugs.  You can have a bug snack too by making — Ants On A Log!  Ask an adult to help you put peanut butter, hummus, or cream cheese on celery, then put the “ants” on using raisins.  Make sure you ask an adult about your food allergies before you start!

3.  Want to know how a Venus Flytrap works?  Check out this cool video from PBS!

Did you know some plants eat… meat?  They do!  But what exactly do they eat?  And why?  And how do they digest them? And could they eat…a person?

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