Animals History



1. Sometimes even mermaids need a calm moment. Make a Mermaid Tail Sensory Bottle and use it for those moments where you feel anxious. Watching the colorful glitter float while taking deep breaths can help make you feel better.  It’s like staring at the ocean.  Have an adult help make sure the lid is glued on tightly so you don’t spill your glitter!

2. Time for mermaid slime!  This great ‘how to’ website has directions on how to make colorful, glittery mermaid slime. Make sure you ask an adult before you start and don’t let it get on the couch or carpet!

3. Do you live in a warm place near the ocean or have access to a pool?  The next time you go swimming with an adult, pretend you’re a mermaid! Can you swim with both feet together like a fin?  Do you live somewhere cold and can’t go swimming?  Pretend you’re a mermaid on land with legs!

When did legends of mermaids first begin? Are they real or imagined? Has anyone famous ever actually seen one? And are all mermaids good, or are some… wicked?

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