1. Tornadoes form from powerful thunderstorms — but how does a thunderstorm form?  Check out this great visual of how air currents move and mix to create a storm.

2. Let’s make it rain…water!  This easy experiment will demonstrate how warm air rises, is condensed by colder air, making it rain. Storms work the same way!

3. Does your community have weekly tornado siren tests during the spring & summer?  The next time the sirens are tested, make a family ‘tornado plan’ about where you should go if there’s a tornado.  If your community doesn’t have siren tests, it’s still important to know where to go when the weather gets bad.

Did you know there are 40,000 thunderstorms happening around the world, every single day? But what causes a tornado to form? What’s the best way to protect yourself? And why do some tornadoes make it rain… frogs?

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