Human Body



1. Want to see what digesting food looks like in your stomach?  This digestion experiment will show you how your stomach breaks down the food you swallow into something your small intestines can use.

2. Grab an adult and get ready for a messy experiment!  This stomach to intestines model will show you what happens to food when you chew, swallow, and digest it, from start to finish.  Check with an adult before starting this project.

3.  Snack time!  What is your favorite healthy snack?  Cheese?  Popcorn?  A fruit smoothie?  How about a turkey and avocado wrap?  Digestion begins with the sights and smells of food, so let’s get digesting!

Did you know digestive activity can actually begin before you’ve even eaten something? Just looking at, or smelling something delicious can result in your brain sending signals to your salivary glands to make your mouth water and for your stomach to secrete gastric juices. But how long does it take your food to pass through you?  And what’s that journey like?

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