Food History



1.  Time to play with your food!  Ok, not really, but here is a fun donut game you can play with a piece of cardboard and some pencils.  Make sure you have an adult help you cut out the hole in the donut.

2.  Check out the book, “If You Give A Dog A Donut!”  Read it with your favorite adult, a younger sibling, or your dog!

3.  Ask an adult if you can have a donut!  Maybe your family has a donut shop nearby or maybe you get them from the grocery store.  Either way, they are a fun breakfast or dessert item!

Did you know early doughnut-like treats in ancient Greece and Rome were covered in… fish sauce? Yuck!  A lot has changed from those early doughnuts — including the spelling of doughnut to… donut!  But how was the modern donuts invented?  Why do donuts have holes?  And why are they even called ‘dough’ ‘nuts’?

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