Daily Life History

Future Cars


1.  Going on a road trip this summer?  Start a travel journal!  You can write about the places you stop, interesting things you see on the road, and draw pictures! 

2.  Does your family have an emergency road trip kit?  Sometimes, our adventures can hit bumps along the way and it’s nice to be prepared.  You don’t need an extra wand like Harry Potter to stop your car, but a first aid kit, some extra food, and an emergency blanket are all great items to have in your car.  Talk to an adult and see what you can find around the house to help your family be prepared. 

3.  Ask your parents or grandparents what they used to do in the car to keep busy when they were kids.  Back in the day before cell phones and iPads time in the car could be pretty boring.  Did they play word games or read a book?  Did they sing silly songs as a family or prefer the radio?

As you probably know, today we have cars that can drive and park all by themselves.  But what about a car that can… fly?  Could that be a reality?  What other cool stuff will cars do in the future?

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