1.  Animals build or find safe, warm places to hibernate.  You can build your own cave using couch cushions and blankets!  How big should you make it?  Can you fit anybody else inside your cave – or just you?  When you are done, grab some books, a flashlight and read… or sleep!

2.  Animals stay warm and have enough energy to hibernate because they eat extra food, creating extra fat to help them survive the winter.  This cool experiment lets you see how fat keeps an animals warm!

3.  A bear needs to eat 20,000 calories a day to prepare for hibernation!  Have some fun figuring out how much of your favorite foods/snacks you’d have to eat to get to 20,000 calories!  Look at the calories listed on packages of cookies, crackers or chips and use a calculator (or an adult) to help you figure it out!

You probably know Bears hibernate in the winter — but what exactly is hibernation?  Is it just sleep, or something else?  And why do bears do it, but not Humans?

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