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Amelia Earhart


1.  Have your child imagine they are Amelia Earhart. Have them pick an important event or moment in her life and write a diary entry about it. It might be the first time she flew in a plane, making her first transatlantic flight, giving a speech about women’s rights, or taking off for her flight around the world.

2.  Time to make some clothespin airplanes!  Grab and adult and ask them to use the hot glue.  When your planes are done, you can fly them around the house and land them somewhere fun (and safe!)

3.  Make a paper airplane!  Ask a friend or sibling to make paper airplanes with you and see who can fly theirs the farthest!  Early aviators often experimented and modified their planes to break world records.  How can you modify your design to make it better?

Amelia Earhart was a famous, trailblazing airplane pilot who was setting world records in the 1920s and 1930s. But who was this daring lady?  How was she able to do what nobody had done before?  And how’d she wind up as the subject of one of the greatest mysteries of all time? 

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