1.  Bugs, especially mosquitos, bite.  Bats eat bugs, so why not encourage them to live close to you?  Grab an adult or ask your teacher if you can build a bat house!  National Wildlife Foundation has some great instructions.

2.  Make your own flying bat!  How far can you make it fly?  Is there anything you can do to make if fly faster or further?

3.  Having trouble making your bat fly?  Try this flying bat.  Ask a friend or sibling to compete with you to see who can make theirs fly the highest.

Did you know sleeping bats like to squeeze together so tightly that over 300 of them could fit inside a shoe box!  But what other amazing things are there to know about these nocturnal, flying mammals?  What important role do they play in the ecosystem?  Are bats really blind?  And can they turn you into a vampire?

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