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Fingernails and Toenails


1.  What kind of nail art creations can you make?  Trace your hands on a piece of paper and grab some markers!  You can decorate the “finger nails” on your paper.  Are you going to spell out a word, make each nail different, or make everything match?  

2.  Have questions about how to take care of your nails?  The American Academy of Dermatology has some tips and tricks for keeping your nails as healthy as possible.

3.  Grab an adult and paint your nails!  If you want to make an extra special design, ask your adult if you can paint their big toe.  It’s the largest nail you’ve got — so be extra creative!

Did you know your fingernails have no nerves in them, which is why you don’t scream when you clip them?  If you want to know what else your nails are good for besides scratching, tapping, picking, chewing on and painting — then get ready for another whiff of science on WhoSmarted?!

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