National Symbols


1.  Make a flag that represents you!  Choose animals, colors and other meaningful items to make a flag that is uniquely you. Explain to your family what each detail on your flag represents!

2.  Does your country have a national anthem?  Do you have it memorized?  If you don’t, ask an adult to help you learn it!  Make sure you talk about the meaning of the words.

3. Pick an animal that best represents you.  Did you pick something strong?  Smart?  Fast?  Cuddly?  Draw a picture and make it any color you like!

Did you know, Unicorns have been the national symbol of Scotland for hundreds of years?  It’s true.  They first appeared on a Scottish royal coat of arms, which is a symbol representing a king or queen.  But do YOU know why the Unicorn is the National Symbol for Scotland?  Or, why the Shamrock is the National Symbol for Ireland?  Or, why the Bald Eagle represents the United States?  Why do we even have National Symbols in the first place?

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