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1.  Sleep is important for everyone, but what we do during the day can help us get a better night’s rest.  Tonight, before bed, talk to an adult about the best thing that happened during the day and the worst thing.  Sharing what you are concerned about can help you get a better night’s sleep.  Plus, your adult  might be able to help you with your worries.

2.  Scared of the dark?  Put up glow stars on the ceiling and make a wish!  They will give you a little extra light as you fall asleep.  If you are feeling extra creative, make a constellation!

3.  You are never too old for a favorite stuffed toy.  Take a loved stuffy through the nighttime routine, put on their PJs, pretend to brush their teeth, and tuck them in.

Nightmares affect nearly all of us and most experts agree a common cause of nightmares is some kind of stress.  It could be worrying about a test or anxiety over a big game coming up.  Or, it could be a response to something traumatic or frightening in real life.  So, what exactly ARE nightmares?  What is happening inside your brain during one?  And, are there any solutions to making nightmares less frequent, or, less frightening? 

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