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1.   Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has some great games and stories about vaccines to help kids understand what they do and how they help us stay healthy.

2.  Baylor University broke down how to talk to kids by age about vaccines and why they are important.  If you don’t know how to start the vaccine conversation with your kids, check them out!

3.  Herd immunity is the best way to protect the people who can’t get vaccinated.  Young babies, people who are immune compromised, and other factors sometimes make it hard to get vaccinated.  This activity will help children understand how herd immunity works.

Good news — being a kid today is way safer than it was years ago, thanks to vaccines, which have beaten more than 20 life-threatening diseases. The World Health Organization says vaccinations prevent two to three MILLION deaths worldwide, every single year.  There’s a lot of power crammed into a tiny needle.  But what exactly are vaccines? 

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