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5 Senses


1.  Grab your favorite potato head and ask an adult to help you print off this senses spinner.  Ask a friend or sibling to play with you and see who can give their potato head all 5 senses first!

2.  You can experience all 5 senses with pop rocks!  What do you hear, see, touch, taste, and smell?  Parents don’t want you to have candy?  No problem!  Experience all 5 senses by popping popcorn.  

3.  Help your child solve a mystery using their senses!  Is it salt or sugar?  You need to use your senses and these directions to find out.

Do you remember what your 5 basic senses are?  Of course you do –they’re:  Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell and Hearing.  But how do your 5 basic senses work?  What happens if one of your senses doesn’t work well, or at all?  And do you only have 5 senses — or, do you perhaps have more? 

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