Dwarf Planets


1.  National Geographic Kids has some fun pictures and facts about the 5 named dwarf planets.  Which one would you like to explore?

2.  NASA invents devices to prepare astronauts for space as well as equipment that can explore on its own.  Make your own hover car and see how far you can make it go!  Could it help you explore a dwarf planet someday?

3.  In order to explore a dwarf planet, NASA needs to get close to it.  The only way to do that is to fly their equipment as close to it as possible.  Wing design makes a big difference with fuel efficiency and control  Check out this challenge and see if you can improve it!

The most famous dwarf planet of all is of course, Pluto. Pluto, named for the Roman God of the Underworld because of its cold/dark nature, used to be know as a planet — but then got demoted to dwarf planet status known as a planet. But what exactly is a dwarf planet?  What makes dwarf planets different than planet planets?  How many dwarf planets are there?  And why was Pluto, kicked out of the planet club? 

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