Human Body

Skeletal System


1.  Do your parents keep track of how much you grow each year?  Maybe they mark a special spot on the wall or write it down in a notepad.  Grab a ruler and measure how much you usually grow each year – that’s how much your BONES have been growing!  

2. Educator-approved Brain Pop has a great way to encourage your kids to get more calcium to help them grow:  For children 4-8 years old, the FDA recommends 1-2 cups of milk or other calcium-rich food a day. For girls and boys ages 9-13, the FDA recommends 3 cups. Calcium-rich foods include yogurt (preferably sugar free or low-fat), cheese, tofu, calcium-fortified 100% orange juice, and dark leafy green vegetables like collard greens or spinach. Create a meal plan with your child to consume enough calcium in their diet. Going grocery shopping with your child will allow them to make their own food choices and feel excited about getting the calcium their bones need.

3.  Play the game Operation!  While your bones certainly don’t look like or share names with the pieces — it’s a fun and exciting way to learn a little bit about how your body works.

How many bones do you have?  Are bones hard, soft, or squishy… or all three?  And why do you have fewer bones now, than you did when you were a baby? 

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