Food History



1.  BrainPop has some great resources for kids.  Help your child understand that larger portions have more calories or sugar. When they read food labels, they should look at the serving size. What is the serving size for cookies? Juice? Measure out the proper serving size for cereal, juice, or other foods or beverages. You and your child might be surprised at what a typical serving size really is!

2.  Have your child track everything they eat for an entire day — from beverages and snacks to meals and dessert. You can join in the activity, too. If possible, have them pay attention to the serving size as well. If your child uses two servings of salad dressing, they should record that as well. Then tally up the number of the day’s calories together. This might be a good opportunity to use a calculator or practice adding large numbers and regrouping. What is the recommended daily calorie intake for your child? You can look it up online and then compare.

3.  The FDA has a great PDF on how to read nutrition labels and make healthier food choices.  Check them out!  Find your favorite food and read the nutrition label.  It is a healthy food or something you should enjoy in moderation?

Did you know you can find sugar in lots of different foods — not just the obvious things like lollipops or other sweet treats?  Yep, it’s also in bread, ketchup, canned sauces, and chips. Of course, despite being in so many things – sugar is… not great for you.  Which begs the question: Why WOULD something bad for you, taste so good?  And when we say sugar’s bad for you – what exactly do we mean?  What does it do to your teeth?  Or your insides?  Or, your brain?  Why do we use so much sugar in so many things — and how much sugar is too much sugar? 

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