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1. You might not be napping anymore, but reading books before bed is a great way to wind down and relax before you fall asleep.  Grab a favorite off the shelf or ask to go to the library and pick out a new, fun adventure to read.

2. Are you afraid of the dark?  Perhaps you can get some glow in the dark stars to decorate your room.  You can create constellations and best of all they’ll make it a little brighter as you drift off to sleep.

3. Is your brain feeling busy at the end of the day and keeping you awake? Start a journal and write down anything you’re worried about & what you’d like to do the next day.  It’ll help clear your mind for sleep.

Babies sleep up to 18 hours a day — so why is it, after giving up naps as a kid, you often end up napping again as an adult (or wishing you could)?  Why do you take naps, anyway?  And why are short naps sometimes better than long ones? 

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