Human Body

The Circulatory System


1.  You can make a model of the circulatory system using colored clay or Play-Doh!  Make sure you use different colors for the different parts of the system.

2.  Make a working model of your heart using a plastic bag and pipe cleaners!  Then make the model heart beat around 75 times a minute to see how often the average child’s heart beats while at rest.

3.  Want to see how your heart pumps blood?  This experiment doesn’t use actual blood but it will show you how your heart keeps the entire circulatory system moving.  You just need a few empty soda or water bottles, water, food coloring, bendy straws, and a few other small items.  Super cool! Check it out here.

Did you know you have an entire system in your body that functions a lot like Amazon?  Everything from receiving and shipping out orders; to cars, trucks and drones traveling along a complex highway system; to delivering packages right to your door — is happening INSIDE YOU right now!  But what is your Circulatory System?  How does it work?  And how does it keep you going strong?

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