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Antarctic Animals


1.  Antarctica probably isn’t on your family’s road trip list — but thanks to this site you can take a virtual tour!  

2.  Many animals in Antarctica eat krill.  Check out this game on National Geographic Kids and help krill escape from predators.

3.  Can’t get enough penguins?  Check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium Penguin Cam!  They  feature African Penguins, which are a little different than the ones in Antarctica, but they all belong to the same penguin family.

Did you know Antarctica is a desert. It’s true! In fact, it’s the largest in the world, covering 5.5million square miles! It’s also home to 8 types of whales; 200 species of fish, 7 species of penguin, 60% of the world’s seal population and all kinds of invertebrates. But how do all these cool creatures withstand such cooold temperatures?  Why do they live there?  And how do they survive? 

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