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1.  Help prepare and eat lunch!  What is your favorite lunch food?  PB&J?  Mac & Cheese? Leftovers?  Eating a proper lunch gives you the energy you need for all of your afternoon adventures.

2.  Need some healthy lunch ideas?  Here are 50 kid friendly lunch ideas.

3.  Design the perfect lunch box!  What pictures would be on the outside?  How big would it be?  Would it have any cool features like a built in ice cream machine or smoothie maker?

Did you know the word Lunch comes from the word “luncheon,” — which dates back to the 1650s and once meant “thick hunk” — as in, a thick hunk of meat? Yeah, neither did we. But have you ever stopped to wonder WHY you eat lunch at all? Did someone actually invent lunch? And what is the most popular lunch food of them all? 

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