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Soda Pop


1.  Did you know you can inflate a balloon with a soda?  Grab an adult and take this one outside because it could get messy.  This carbon dioxide experiment will help you see all of the bubbles escaping when you open a soda.

2.  If you wanna see what happens when gas from soda goes into your stomach, there’s an experiment you can do at home. Just Google “Why Does Soda Pop Make You Burp Experiment” and click the video. 

3.  Have you ever cleaned with . . . soda pop?  This penny cleaning experiment will show you how corrosive  soda pop can be.

Did you know when soda pop was first invented, it was marketed as… medicine? But does soda pop have any medicinal value? Why does soda pop make you burp?  And how do they put bubbles in soda in the first place?

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