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Episode #4 – Thomas Edison? – 10/26/2020

How did a home-schooled kid become the greatest inventor of all time? To this day no one holds more invention patents than Thomas Edison!  Find out and inspire your kids on today's fun-filled episode of Who Smarted? And please like & follow us on Facebook for more ! The next episode is Broccoli on Wednesday 10/28/20. Check out previous episodes here!

Episode #3 – Sound Effects – 10/23/2020

Explosions, lasers, fire, footsteps - these are the audio cues that bring movies and TV shows to life. But most of them are created AFTER the movie is shot, in a sound effects process called Foley Art. Learn about how sound effects work and how kids can make their OWN sound effects. Next episode is "Thomas Edison" on Monday Oct 26 2020.

Episode #2 – Pizza 10/21/2020

3 billion pizzas are eaten every year - just in the United States! But where did pizza REALLY come from? And what's the real history behind one of the world's favorite foods? Find out on this episode of Who Smarted? Next episode is Sound Effects on Friday 10/23/2020.

Episode #1 – Gravity 10/19/2020

What goes up must come down right? But why? And what is gravity? Find out all that and more on this fun filled episode. Next episode is Pizza! on Wednesday 10/21/20.


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