What are boogers for?

  1. What are boogers?
  2. Where do they come from?
  3. What do they for your body?
  4. Why do we like to pick them?
  5. Are they safe to eat?

What makes things explode?

1. What makes things explode? 

2. What are some ways we’ve learned to control explosions safely? 

3. Why do some things like a firework blow up with a bang?

4. What property is released during an explosion? 

5. Which everyday items are unstable enough they can be explosive?

Who really invented peanut butter & jelly?

Questions we answer on this episode include

1. Who invented the PB&J? 

2. Are PB&J sandwiches actually healthy for you? 

3. Do folks eat PB&Js all over the world or just in America?

How does a microwave work?

How was the microwave oven accidentally invented?

How do microwaves work to cook everything from frozen pizza to popcorn?

Why should you never put metal in a microwave?

Your smart elementary school kid will learn about all this and more, and there's more free activities at www.WhoSmarted.com!

Wait, you shouldn’t be afraid of spiders?

Today's creepy crawly episode is all about SPIDERS! But wait, before you freak out or get scared -- just know, less than 1% of spiders are harmful to humans... and in fact, spiders are very helpful!

Questions we answer include:

  1. How many species of spiders are there?
  2. How strong are spider webs?
  3. Should you be afraid of spiders?

What causes a volcano?

Today's episode is about VOLCANOES!

Listen up as Vulcan, the Roman God of Fire and your trusty narrator, Jerry take a fun journey to an active volcano in search of lava!

Questions we answer on today's episode:

  1. What's the difference between magma and lava?
  2. How deep is the earth's crust and how is it just like a giant puzzle?
  3. What causes volcanoes to form?

Why do we say Hello?

Today's episode is all about GREETINGS and it's full of great questions & answers about how and why humans say "Hello!"

Questions we answer include:

  1. How did the word, "Hello" become the standard way we answer the phone?
  2. Why do we shake hands? 
  3. Why do humans greet one another at all?

Why are fairy tales so powerful?

Quick question: who wrote the story for the movie FROZEN? Obviously it was a Hollywood screenwriter working for Disney, right? Nope!

Jennifer Lee may have written the SCRIPT (she also directed the movie too, becoming the first woman to write/direct a film grossing over ONE BILLION DOLLARS), but the STORY was written in 1844 by Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. His tale THE SNOW QUEENenthralled families in Europe --- nearly 100 years before Walt Disney made his first animated movie, and over 125 years before Jennifer Lee was born!

This is just one of the very cool things your curious kid wlll learn about Fairy Tales on today's episode of Who Smarted?

What if the sun stopped shining?

Quick question: How long would it take you to notice if the SUN STOPPED WORKING??? 3 seconds? 30 seconds? 2 minutes? 8 minutes? 

If you said 8 minutes - you're right! To be exact, it would take 8 minutes & 20 seconds before you noticed sunlight was no longer reaching the Earth. Thankfully, that won't be happening anytime soon (at least 7 or 8 billion years), which leaves you and your child plenty of time to learn a whole lot of cool things about the closest star to the Earth... the Sun!

How old is your water?

Quick question: How old is the water you drink, shower in, or cook with? 4 seconds, 4 days, or 4 billion years old?

If you said 4 billion years old, you're RIGHT! That glass of water you drank today is the same water the DINOSAURS drank! <Whoa!>

So how does the rain cycle work? How and why does it rain at all? And what would happen if it DIDN'T rain? Your kids will learn all this and more on today's new episode of Who Smarted?