Research shows that with audio learning, kids are able to engage with vocabulary and ideas 2 to 3 grades higher than their reading level would allow. They are also more likely to remember and engage with concepts, and participate in follow-up conversation and discovery, from audio learning

Who Smarted? is intended to be part of a larger process of creating smarter and more curious kids.  Through academic research and our experience making award-winning educational content like Brainchild and Brain Games for kids & adults, we’ve learned that repetition, engagement, and relatability are great ways to teach kids and make the learning stick.

We’re joining outstanding children’s podcasts like Brains on!, Story Pirates, Wow in the World!, Chompers, Ear Snacks, Tumble, Stories, Noodleloaf, and many more in the expanding world of awesome, engaging, and fun podcasts for kids – kidcasts. And we can’t miss an opportunity to mention some adult science podcasts that we know bigger kids also love (though some parental guidance advised) like Alie Ward’s Ologies, Hidden Brain, and Stuff You Should Know.

Each of those shows has something unique to offer and there’s room for more than one of these outstanding series on your kids or students “listening list”. Our secret sauce is that we’re going to get your kid or student excited about a broad range of topics, three times a week, with our celebrated blend of storytelling, games, humor, fun and our ability to make complex topics easily accessible. We promise we’ll never be boring and we’ll always try to make episodes that you’ll enjoy too!

And because we are committed to accessible and inclusive learning for all, in addition to the three 10 to 15 minute long weekly episodes, we’re also providing a free, short email with each episode with for parents and educators. 

The newsletter gives you the details on what we’re teaching in the audio episode, along with further information and activities to make it easy for Mom, Dad or Teacher to facilitate and participate in follow-up conversation.  We’re here to help make it easy and fun four your kids to get smarter.

We encourage you to explore the wide world of kidcasts, and to sign up below to get your email each Monday, Wednesday and Friday when we publish a new episode of Who Smarted?