School Memes and Teacher Memes

School is in session!  And so begins the emotional rollercoaster also known as  “the school year”.  Kids are sad… until they see their friends.  Parents are happy… until they have to help with studying & homework.  Teachers are overwhelmed… until they… no, they pretty much stay overwhelmed until summer starts again. 

And whether school is remote or in-person this year — here are a collection of MEMES that perfectly encapsulate what kids are thinking and feeling throughout the school year!

And for good measure, we’ve included some memes capturing the absurdity of being an over-worked, under-appreciated, under-paid teacher dealing with demanding parents and kids – in other words, ALL teachers. And while you’re sure to laugh, maybe, just maybe — they’ll help you appreciate your teachers a little more.


1.  Why are all the kids in the back-to-school ads smiling?

2.  “Better late than never” doesn’t always apply….

3.  Some people call it “Doing the Minimum”, I call it “Doing my Job”.

4. The look you have when you realize you studied the wrong chapter for the big test.

5.  Get used to THIS face, you’re going to be seeing it a LOT!


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