Let's Go to Space!

In 3 live interactive sessions of 80 to 90 minutes your children will learn about space, ask questions live, interact with other kids, and have tons of fun!

We will even have a special BONUS Q&A session (in addition to the 3 LIVE Sessions) with a real-life astronaut who has actually lived in outer space!

More details on what’s included in this program below.

The Official Hosts of Who Smarted? Space Camp

Mission Control

Space Camp Details


    Specially designed for kids ages 5 to 10 but open to curious kids of all ages. PLUS a REAL LIVE ASTRONAUT! An extra special LIVE Question & Answer session with ISS Astronaut Ron Garan - an astronaut, fighter pilot, and author who, during his incredible 30 year career at NASA, has spent 178 days in space, flown on multiple spacecrafts, and has accomplished FOUR spacewalks!! Parents are always welcome to join in the fun.

    3-Day Space Camp Date: October 12th to 14th (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) Start Time: 4:30pm ET (1:30pm PT) OR 7:30pm ET (4:30pm PT) Length: 80 to 90 mins each session

    By the time we return to Earth, your child will:
    • Learn how to identify 5 major constellations
    • Discover key facts about each planet (Sorry, Pluto!)
    • Find out why planets have moons and what makes them different
    • Dodge asteroids, comets, and meteors — and learn which is which!
    • Explore a Black Hole (but don't worry, we won't get lost!)
    • Set their compass to the North Star (and learn why it glows so brightly!)
    • Get cozy with the Moon in all of its phases
    • Learn how to tell time — using the Sun!
    • Make friends with "Martians" & explore Mars with real imagery from NASA
    All additional workbooks, activities, and guides to keep learning after they arrive are included in this voyage.

Extra Special Space Guests & Activities

  • Would your child like to earn what it's like living on a real-life Space Station?
  • Then get ready for a special LIVE Question & Answer session with ISS astronaut Ron Garan!!
  • Have your child submit their most burning questions about the Sun, our Solar System, and find out what it takes to become an astronaut and explore outer space!
  • Hear them answered LIVE by a real outer space expert!
  • Only for a limited time. Don’t miss out!

How Much?

How much does it cost to spark your child's interest in science, learning, and to boldly go where no kid has gone before? Registration is just $197 per Family
  • Includes 3 LIVE 80 to 90 min Learning Sessions
  • All Workbooks & Guides required for Space Camp
  • Access to REPLAY of Session Recordings
  • Participate in BONUS LIVE Q&A with a REAL Astronaut

Signing up for Space Camp is easy!

Ready for Lift Off? Sign Up Now!

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    Select the best time for your child to attend Space Camp, either 4:30pm ET or 7:30pm ET

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    Only 1 registration necessary per family, sign up and bring the whole family!

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    Enjoy free activities and educational space materials to prepare for Space Camp

  • 4

    You're all set! Bring your space boots and set course for zero gravity and plenty of laughs!

Choose Start Time:

  • Start Time: 4:30 ET OCTOBER 12th - 14th
    • MON 11
    • TUE 12
    • WED 13
    • THU 14
    • FRI 15
    • 3 LIVE Learning Sessions
    • Space Workbooks & Guides
    • BONUS LIVE Q&A with Astronaut
    • Access to Session Recordings
    LET’s go to space camp!
  • Start Time: 7:30 ET OCTOBER 12th - 14th
    • MON 11
    • TUE 12
    • WED 13
    • THU 14
    • FRI 15
    • 3 LIVE Learning Sessions
    • Space Workbooks & Guides
    • BONUS LIVE Q&A with Astronaut
    • Access to Session Recordings
    LET’s go to space camp!
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